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Road Project

8/29/23--Sarver paving will be in starting today to start working on the remaining small projects. Paullin Sealcoat will be in starting Aug. 31, 23 to put down strips by all stop signs and front gate striping. Please watch for the crews and slow down. Please make sure you are stopping at all stop signs and not just going thru them. Speed limit is 25mph, please do not speed!

8/14/23--The contractor should be coming in the end of August begining of September to finish up the rest of the small projects.

6/27/23--Road crew is in, they will be finishing Laurel Dr. by the office-please be careful driving this area. Maybe avoid the area until later in the day. Also, they will be patching Ginko area where the sewer work was done, but not finishing chip/seal on Ginko yet. They will also be doing some berming work on different roads.

6/2/23--Office parking lot is being chip/sealed. Please limit your trip to the office until later today or Monday. Thank you! Ginko sewer line should be worked on Monday/Tuesday June 5th and 6th. Please be careful as you drive around.

6/1/23--Road work at the front gate and office. Please use the front gate guest lane to enter during the morning hours. Please be careful at you come to the office, they are working on the parking lots at both areas. Thank you for your patience.

5/31/23-Road crew is in working on some cul-da-sacs. They will be paving the campground drive 6/1/23. Once the sewer line on Ginko is repaired, they will be in to work on the rest of Ginko, Laurel, Lodge and Office parking lots

5/17/23-Thank you all for being patience during the road work a the front gate. Please continue to be patience and keep your speed down. The road crew is in working on gravel roads and possibly Laurel Dr.

5/8/23 Road work will continue starting week of 5/15. Sewer line issue at Laurel and Ginko. Watch for workers!

5/5/23 Back gate is completed-thanks for your patience and using the front gate. Next they are working on Aspen then Cedar. And now starting Laurel from the Lodge to the front. What a great joy it is to drive on the repaired roads!

Happy Summer and please make sure to follow the speed limit of 25mph!


5/4/2023-Brandy Lane is being paved.

4/18,23-Most of the gravel roads have been chip/sealed. Sarver Paving is still out there working on them as weather permits.

4/10/23-Sarver Paving is back in and working on the roads. They are berming the side roads and getting ready to scratch Ginko, Tupelo and  Minosa on the 11th. Please watch for them, and slow down. They will start chip/sealing the gravel roads this week starting with Branca and then moving clockwise along Cinnamon Dr. Once the outer roads are done they will move towards the inner ones.

4/10/23-We have put up flashing speed signs in several areas, make sure you go 25 mph and no faster!

1/6/2023-Front gate entrance and exit are now open. Gate cards can be used again. Please note that the right entrance sign is for all members with active gate cards. All trucks, buses, delivery vehicles are to use the guest lane on the left closest to the gate house. The update made the guest lane larger to accommodate the larger vehicles. When you use the exit side, proceed slowly as you will need to get closer to the gate arms to activate them to open. Thank you to all for understanding and working with us during this construction phase.

12/2-Front gate exit lane-concrete has been poured, thank you for watching your speed as traffic patterns have changed. 

11/29-Front gate entrance is open-watch for traffic pattern changes. Exit side will be closed for construction.

11/17-Joints on Cinnamon at the intersections of Coriander, Tarragon, Curaso were sealed. Culvert on Acuminata was replaced. Culvert at Brandy and Laurel being replaced today and tomorrow. Front gate work continues.

11/15-Coriander and Cinnamon berms are completed, work on patching the culverts for winter.

11/11-Tarragon and Curaso berms were completed, Cinnamon Dr. berms are being worked on. Front gate concrete pour scheduled for Tuesday.

11/8-11/9 - Surface course will be completed on Cinnamon. 

11/8-Paving continues on Cinnamon Dr., please be mindful and watch for traffic changes. Front gate work continues, please make sure to be mindful of traffic patterns as we use the exit side as an entrance as well.

11/4-Scratch on Cinnamon & Brandy, Curaso paving done still needs bermed, Culverts on Acuminata and Brandy/Laurel held off until week of 11/7, some areas of Cinnamon will be paved, work will continue at the front gate watch for shifts in traffic patterns.

11/1 - Coriander and Tarragon have been paved and completed, but berming needs to be completed. 

11/1-11/4 - Culverts on Acuminata and Brandy/Laurel. Traffic may be diverted for a longer period than usual Watch for signs. Surface scratching of                          Brandy and Cinnamon.

10/25/22 - Chip & Seal - Sangria, Maderia, Saffron, Larch, Arrick, Majorna, - Completed

10/24/22- Arrick and Curaso being scratched. Saffron scratching has been done

10/17 & 10/18 - No work crew

10/13/22- Culvert on Trillium being replaced-Completed

10/12/22 - Culvert on Laurel, crossover at the front gate - Completed

10/11/22 - Culvert by Cumin - Completed

10/10/22- East Cinnamon culvert between Challot and Olive. Scratching of Maderia, Sangria. - Completed

"SCRATCHING" definition - scratching and leveling of the surface with paving material. This is NOT the end product for these roads. The final work will be conducted in the spring of 2023. 

10/7/22 - "Scratching" of Tarragon and Coriander. Culvert on Pinella  - Completed

10/6/22- Culvert at Allium/Byrrh and E. Cinnamon - Completed

10/5/22 - No work scheduled. 

10/4/22 - Allium - Completed

10/3/22 - Cinnamon East by the sewer plant - Completed

9/29/22 - Sangria and Majorna - Completed

9/26-9/30 - Culvert work on Ginko and Tupelo Completed

9/20 - Culvert on Cinnamon west between Cacao & Brandy.  Completed

9/12 - 9/16 - Culverts on Madrona, Majorna, Manzanita, Sequoia, Brandy and Cinnamon Drive. 

9/6 - 9/9 - Culvert work on Acuminata, Curry, and Curaso - Completed

8/30/22 - Berming has started.  They have started to cut the road surface for culvert replacements. 

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