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Part of the charm of Cinnamon Lake is the standard to which we hold our homes and properties. We respect your desire to live in a beautiful, idyllic haven, and all buying, selling, and building procedures must adhere to the guidelines to maintain that level of arcadian calm.


Buying, Selling, and Building

Welcome to Cinnamon Lake! 

Find everything you need to know about community living and lake life here. 

New Members

Your Next Home 

Looking to find your next special place? Buying, selling, and building options are available for you. 

Lots for Sale  Ashland County Auditor GIS Architectural & Property Guidelines  
Building Your Dream at Cinnamon Lake

Living in Cinnamon Lake

Our community is supported by a network of utilities, local responders, school districts, and more. Connect to the organizations that help you live and thrive in Cinnamon Lake: 


  • Rural Lorain Water, 800-842-1339
  • LORCO (sewer), 440-647-4882
  • Spectrum Cable, 855-821-7018
  • Frontier Phone, 800-921-8101
  • Consumers Gas Co-Op, 330-682-4144
  • Ohio Edison, 800-633-4766
  • Trash handled by Cinnamon Lake

What Is Covered by HOA Fees?

We strive to keep our rural, lakeside community pristine and functional for all of our residents. This is achieved through annual dues and assessments billed for each lot. 

These funds are used for:

  • Servicing 17 miles of roads in Cinnamon Lake
  • Lake operations and management
  • Maintaining all of the recreational areas including the lodge, tennis and basketball courts, beaches, pavilions, docking areas, picnic areas, and other common areas
  • Staffing the administration, maintenance, front gate, and recreational activities
  • General operating expenses
  • Dues: $75 per lot, per year
  • Assessments: $309.60 per lot, per year
  • Road Assessment: $360.00 per lot, per year
  • New Member Fee and Transfer Fee
    • Initiation Fee: $750
    • Transfer Fee: $50

Realtor Registration

       Short-term rentals of any kind are not           permitted in Cinnamon Lake 

Renter Registration

 Looking to buy or build in Cinnamon Lake?  Here are companies that are familiar with the building and buying process in Cinnamon Lake.  They are ready to help make your dreams come true.






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Cinnamon Lake
1443 Laurel Drive
West Salem, Ohio 44287
GPS Location for Gate House:
366 CR 620, West Salem, Ohio

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Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday: 8:30 AM - 12:30 PM and 2 - 5 PM; Wednesday - CLOSED

7 AM - 11 PM
The gate house is the welcome center, and all boats and campers must go through this entrance. The back gate is for member use only.
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