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Building Your Dream at Cinnamon Lake

February 21, 2023

There is no better place to build your dream home than Cinnamon Lake. We offer the sought-after city amenities with a relaxed lake/country atmosphere. Many members have chosen Cinnamon Lake to build their forever home and enjoy the lake life while they raise their family, retire or vacation when time allows.

The building process at Cinnamon Lake couldn't be easier. The hardest part might be deciding on a lot to build your home on. We have lots with no trees, a few trees, and others that are heavily treed. Available lakeside lots are at a minimum, and all are privately owned.  Our Architectural & Building Guidelines will help you with the building requirements including set-backs and restrictions. The minimum square footage for a new home is 1200 square feet. We also require a minimum size garage of 14 x20, which can be attached or detached. These homes must be built on site, and a home is the first structure permitted on a vacant lot.

Architectural & Building Guidelines

 After you become a member of Cinnamon Lake, you may proceed with the building process whenever you'd like. You may use the builder of your choice, and we even allow you to be the construction manager! Please note:  We do require all building projects to be completed in a six-month period from the date of the permit. 

When you have decided on building plans, you may submit them to the office for approval from our Environmental Control Committee. The set of construction drawings must include the following:

  1. Foundation Plan
  2. Floor Plan
  3. 4 Elevations (Detached Garage - 2 elevations)
  4. Cross Sec;tions
  5. Location of downspouts, sewer and water lines, any culvert over 12" or drainage pipe, underground utilities including Geothermal, indicated on plot map.

Additionally, we will need:

  1. Lot survey of the property to include elevations and benchmark (topo) (horizontal control points)
  2. Color samples of roof & siding choices
  3. Bank (or loan) confirmation letter or a $5,000 building deposit
  4. Check made payable to Cinnamon Lake Association, Inc. for the architectural permit fee. 

When Cinnamon Lake has received all of the necessary documents, we will set up a pre-construction meeting. This meeting will include members of the Environmental Control Committee, the members (owners of the house to be built), and the construction manager. The ECC will go over the building process so that everyone involved is aware of the expectations for the project.

Once the pre-construction meeting has been completed, it's building time!  Most projects start within days of the pre-construction meeting, and it's an exciting time for everyone involved!  A member of the Environmental Control Committee will inspect the site after the foundation has been dug to ensure it has followed the approved plans. This visit is coordinated by calling the office to schedule an inspection. 

After the footer inspection has been approved, it's full steam ahead and the building process progresses to completion! 


 Once your home is completed, the member will contact the office to set up an occupancy permit from the Association. The Environmental Control Committee will meet with the member and possibly the builder to go over the checklist.

A letter will be drafted for both the ECC and the member to sign, and the front gate and office will be notified that the home can now be occupied.  

At this time, the member will complete the finishing touches and any items from the checklist that couldn't be completed due to weather (such as landscaping).  When the checklist is completed, the ECC will inspect the property again to sign off that the building process is complete!  

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